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The Jordan NFT

This NFT created by the artist Piero Di Muro, has the goal of becoming the most valuable sports NFT in history. Its price is 2362 ETH. It represents a picture taken of the Michael Jordan statue at the United Center in Chicago.


About the Artist

My name is Piero Di Muro. Since I was a child I have been related to the world of art. At the age of 8, I started in art classes, developing interesting techniques and enhanced my creativity.

I have created different projects, sketches and paintings of all styles. I paint with pastel, India ink, watercolors, digital and much more.

I really love sports, basketball, football, tennis, etc… and obviously the art. That was the reason to paint “The Jordan”, since it combined both of my passions.

The Jordan NFT 

This artwork is based on the Michael Jordan Statue, which is located in the United Center in Chicago. One of the most important athletes in history. I got the maximum score when it was assessed.

This work is painted in a gray scale, using tempera and brushes for its development. It required significant work and dedication over a long period of time. I was 1 year working with it. A symbol of greatness.

The goal is to be the most valuable sports NFT ever. Acquiring even more value over the years and increasing its popularity.

* This image is a preview, not the real NFT

2362 ETH

The price has been chosen based on the number of the player (23), adding the titles of the NBA (6) and the Olympic Games (2). The goal is to become the most valuable sports NFT in history, beating Messi’s “The Golden One“.


The release date has been set based on the player’s legendary number. It has been released year 23, on the 23rd. Also, the chosen month is January (1), symbolizing the number one, the best.

An exclusive artwork

High Value


Unique Edition


The Jordan NFT

On sale!

On January 23rd, 2023, the NFT has been released. Stay connected to get the latest news and updates of “The Jordan NFT”

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